CPPCC Vice Chairman Ma Biao rate member delegation to inspect Jing County

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October 11, 2014, the CPPCC National Committee Vice Chairman Ma Biao rate CPPCC delegation to the "Hometown of Chinese rice paper," Jing County, on the status of rice paper industry to inspect research. Provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Zhang Xueping, party secretary YAO Yu Zhou, chairman of the CPPCC and Sun Ming City, City Vice Chairman Huang Dongsheng, Huan east, the city CPPCC Secretary General visits soup accompanied perseverance.
Anhui Jing County is "Chinese rice paper town", is a national treasure geographical origin of rice paper. Xuan paper is the cultural heritage, carrying the arts, communication is an important carrier of history, enjoy the "paper TING Millennium, ink rhyme status quo," said. Xuan paper was included in the traditional production techniques mankind "Intangible Cultural Heritage" list.
Delegation also visited with great interest, "declared Yan works" Exhibition Co., Ltd. in Anhui Xuan Yan culture of Yan Xuan spoke highly of the work, to encourage cultural Ltd. Anhui Xuan Yan advantage of resources, bigger and stronger. CPPCC member Wu Wei Su Shishu, Zhang and other artists also ink brush, impromptu inscription.


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