Gao min become attached to anhui XuanYan diving queen

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 Gao min become attached to anhui XuanYan diving queen


On April 19, 2015 in the afternoon, the spring rain, cold slightly microscopy. Anhui province is located in "China's rural XuanYan" continuous DE county of anhui XuanYan culture co., LTD., is the awaken of spring march, the heart warming Yang, diving queen gao min should be chairman of the board of directors of the company Huang Taihai invitation to the company to visit!

Gao min, famous Chinese diver, topped the 1988 Seoul Olympics and the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games women's springboard diving champion, China's first Olympic springboard diving gold medal winner, is also the world's first break through 600 points mark female athlete of the dive.

XuanYan culture co., LTD in anhui, gao min is very interesting to know the Chinese XuanYan incarnations, to protect XuanYan people discover stream inkstone, inheriting XuanYan skills, to build China's first name inkstone noble spirit gave praise, for the Chinese XuanYan "side skin increased, coagulation bored with net embellish" quality.

Gao min and anhui XuanYan culture co., LTD. Affinity in 35th national four treasures exposition. On April 11, 2015, when she arrived at the Beijing exhibition hall 9 Chinese XuanYan theme pavilions, namely was deeply attracted by Chinese XuanYan, showing strong interest, said the chance to field look at will, then there is the eight days XuanYan trip.

Before parting, Ms. Huang again invite Gao Minlai XuanYan tasting China, gao min happily accepted it, said: "stay XuanYan cultural industrial park is completed, I will be more to see!"

Gao min group photo with you

Gao min receive XuanYan gifts in China

Gao min and Huang Taihai XuanYan works in conception

Gao min appreciate XuanYan works


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