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Bloomer southern tour Jingde slaying the dragon (folklore). Oolong chop lower body after flying into the tail mountain Jiangxi Wuyuan, upper body fall back into the nest Jingde Hong chuan long Dragon Tiger Hill. Dragon Mountain and tail mountain "mountain same vein, water homologous", produced by Yanshitai "color similar pattern is similar

(AD 314--317 years) Ge Hong Jing De Hongchuan Longtanshan monastic seclusion alchemy (Qing Jingde County records and folk relics Bin Tang Yin text woodcut), in order to facilitate the books, cut stone into stone.

(AD 759) Li Bai, "cursive Song": "Ma Jian Sujuan Rows hand, XuanZhou inkstone black light," explained Yan Xuan Tang will reside at the door, a prominent reputation.

Wu Dust "Mexican light song" Mexico: "XuanZhou inkstone snow sprinkled residue, John go smoke halogen children from" Xuan Yan describes the texture of stone products and Surusumi writing results.

July 11, Longtan Longxi reproduce Yanshitai
August 4, Huang Taihai apply for emergency protection and invest in Longtan Mountain Longxi Yanshi, delimitation Closing off the next day to achieve.
September 2, Jingde County emblem rhyme Stone limited liability company.

October 6, China Inkstone exhibition, Yan Xuan works "cloud water Zen", "Zhaojun", "Aromatic" and "Hong Yuan Yi Qing," the first exhibition Excellence Award.
October 25, Longtan Yan Anhui Culture Co., Ltd. was established.
December 7 --9 days, Anhui Province, the second session of traditional arts and crafts products exhibition, Xuan Yan works "rather critical" won the second prize of Anhui traditional arts and crafts products.

April 12 --15 days, exhibitors 29th Lanting Chinese Calligraphy Festival, Gu Yue Long Shan painting Goods Fair
June 9 --11 days, China Anhui Tourism Commodity Trading Center show-cum-tourism commodities design contest, Xuan Yan work, "Yan Hui word" won the Outstanding Award.
July 16 --20 days, the Third Conference of the martial arts Beijing International Cultural Exchange, Longtan Yan Limited is martial arts promotion award.
September 17 - Japan, China · Dragon Yan Tourism and Culture Tasting will be held in Jingde County.


September 29 --30, the sixth China (Xuancheng) four treasures of Culture and Tourism Festival, Xuan Yan works "four treasures" won the gold medal.
November 7 --9 day, thirty-second (Tianjin) National Wenfangsibao Art Fair, warm cold stone inscribed "honesty and innovation."
November 16, hired side see dust Yan Culture Co., Ltd. Anhui Dragon "artistic director", after the Anhui Xuan Yan Culture Co., Ltd. "artistic director."

  January 5, Guo Haitang inspection company, and inscribed "Chinese Xuan Yan"”


  March 21 --24 days, the 49th session of the National Crafts Fair, Xuan Yan works "Ssangyong fret", "big US Xuancheng" won the gold medal, "rattan" won the Silver Award. 


April 1, Longtan Yan Anhui Culture Co., Ltd. officially changed its name to "Anhui Xuan Yan Culture Limited."
April 15 - 19, the 33rd (Beijing) National Wenfangsibao Art Fair, Jia Xuan Yan visited China Pavilion; Xuan Yan work, "Millan Yan", "Xicongtianxiang" Gold Award, "Penglai Road Mountain" won the Silver Award
April 27 --30 days, the 9th China (Yiwu) Cultural Products Trade Fair, Xuan Yan work, "something happened" won outstanding awards show.
April, Anhui Culture Co., Ltd. Xuan Yan theme song "black jade Spring" by 2013--2014 China's outstanding original song award.
May 8, Guo Haitang, warm stone cold Xuan Yan visited Anhui Culture Limited
May 15, Jingde County won the "China Xuan Yan village" title.
May 15 - 19, the Tenth China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair, Xuan Yan works "three-legged peach Yan" won the "Chinese Arts and Culture Creative Award" Silver, "Jiang outside world." bronze medal.
May 20, Huang Taihai was "declared Yan-making skills intangible cultural heritage inheritors" title.
June 7, party secretary YAO Yu Zhou Xuan Yan Culture Co., Ltd. in Anhui Province.
June 8, he was vice president of Xuancheng Huang  tai hai Wenfangsibao Association.
June 21, four treasures of the Association of Chinese experts to Anhui Culture Co., Ltd. Xuan Yan review.
June 23, Xuan Yan Li Tiemin visited Anhui Culture Co., Ltd., and taught himself to Carver.


June 30, Anhui Xuan Yan Culture Company Limited was granted "four treasures of China Association member."
July 7, Jingde county government held a "cultural Yan Xuan Industrial Park Development Workshop" for implementation of the project, the financial support, project finance, financial discount and talent introduction, the exhibition publicity and other specific policies.
September 2 --6, to participate in the 34th (Taiyuan) Wenfangsibao art fairs nationwide.
September 30 - October 3, "Wen Xin Yayun" Anhui Intangible Cultural Heritage · Wenfangsibao thematic exhibitions, Xuan Yan works "Kozo harmless" won the gold medal.
October 17, two sets of CCTV columns consumer advocate group to Anhui Xuan Yan Culture Co., shooting the documentary "Passing the torch, Yan ink as promised," broadcast on December 10 in the central two sets.
October 18 - 21, the fifteenth Chinese arts and crafts masters and International Art Fair, Xuan Yan works "bronze Soul", "Ssangyong fret", "Penglai Mountain Road" won the bronze medal.
October 24, Anhui Xuan Yan Culture Co., Ltd. Chairman Huang Taihai visit Tianjin Museum researcher, Ms. China Collectors Association Wenfangsibao 蔡鸿茹 advisory committee. Caihong Ru Chan wrote that: "condensate tired of net run, worthy of the first fight."


October 24 - November 7, Anhui Culture Co. Huangtai Hai Yan Xuan, Zhang Zheng music at Tsinghua University, "China Wenfangsibao senior talent Seminar" learning.
November 14 --16 days, Anhui Province, the fourth exhibition of traditional arts and crafts products, (winning Information No).
November 20, Xuan Yan Culture Institute, Huang Taihai president.
November 23, Anhui Xuan Yan cultural industrial park under construction, with a total investment of 150 million yuan, covering 52 acres. The construction includes a research center, a Yan Fang, building and staff quarters.
December 19, he was appointed vice president Huang Taihai four treasures of the Association.
December 22, "Anhui Xuan Yan Cultural Industry Park Construction" was selected in 2015 in Anhui province and cultural construction projects of special funds.
December 28, Huang Taihai Anhui province, vice president of Arts and Crafts Association.

January 13, 2015 - 18, Xuancheng famous showcase local fairs.
January 24-25, the new marketing strategy seminar arts and crafts industry in 2015 Chinese Traditional Arts and Crafts Exhibition and the Internet under the thinking. Huang Taihai elected "National Arts and Crafts Industry Council vice chairman".
"Han brick Shi Qu" golden horse award "wonderful artical excelling nature," gold award, the mountain stream Jin Zhongyan won the silver medal.





February 1, Huang Taihai any of Anhui Arts and Crafts Industry Association executive director.

On March 9th, the county party committee secretary of the careful led agatanoatae related department leader in anhui XuanYan cultural industrial park construction.

On March 21, director of Peking University alumni association, President of Peking University alumni association in anhui Cai Musen, disabled person welfare foundation of fujian province, anhui province, huangmei opera art development foundation director Qin Dewen visit anhui XuanYan culture co., LTD., and considering the production process and appreciate Chinese XuanYan XuanYan works.

On March 26, member of Chinese academy of sciences and the state council degree committee, who as President of the university of science and technology of China, the south university of science and technology create JiaoJiao long zhu qingshi, visit anhui XuanYan culture co., LTD., tasting XuanYan, and personally ink given word.

March 26-30, in Qingdao international convention center, exhibiting the 50th national arts and crafts fair. XuanYan works won the "2015" golden phoenix "innovation design competition" four awards: "lanting gallery collection", "the soul of bronze award," du fu's poetry ", "four water when the source" silver medal.