Company Profile


Culture Co., Ltd. is located in Anhui Xuan Yan, "Yan Xuan China Town" white, Xuancheng City, Anhui Province town of Jingde County, is the only one set Xuan Yan production, research and development as an integrated professional development of cultural enterprises. Founded in October 2012, Yan Xuan exclusive Longtanshan veins resources to revitalize the ages Ming Yan responsibility, firmly relying Xuancheng "four treasures of the town" and declared cultural emblem of the unique advantages of the same root, high investment, high starting point, high quality manner Xuan Yan old design and production, research and development and promotion of the protection.

"China Xuan Yan," the ancient name "XuanZhou Inkstone", only produced in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, known in the Tang Dynasty. Compared with the tail Inkstone, color similar, more pure quality, hardness, density and embellish more optimized reasonable degree. Legend by slaying the dragon fell to the ground as of late-bloomer from the Eastern Jin Ge Hong quarrying alchemy find hired, the Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai, "cursive Song" highly praises and go down in history. It was not until the Qing Dynasty, Yan Township constantly floods, war and mudslides disaster, causing interruption heritage disappeared.

July 2010, XuanZhou inkstone reproduce Longtan Mountain, called The Rock. The company's products are made Xuan Yan master design, hand carved. Since its inception, has been invited to participate in the national exhibition, award-winning gold and silver. The main products are: master dish Yan, high-grade seed Shixian, antique boutique Yan, Yan cultural and creative, business and cultural gifts Yan Yan room daily 6 series. Welcome to the majority of collectors and merchants throughout the visit, tasting treasures!