Job Description:

Job Title: Accounting
Location: white, declared the city Jingde County town
Nature of work: Full-time
Time limit: Long-term
The number of required: 1 person
Treatment: Negotiable, male or female
A. Responsibilities
1, professional posts, under the leadership and supervision of the superior finish quantified work requirements, and can independently deal with tasks;
2, help finance the budget, audit, supervision, in accordance with the requirements of companies and government departments and timely preparation of financial statements submitted to the various departments;
3, responsible for auditing the reimbursement of staff, preparation of documents and login account;
4. The original documents have been reviewed promptly fill billing;
5, preparation, analysis, check tax-related issues;
6, the audit contract, making the accounts table.
II. Qualifications
1, finance, accounting professional secondary education, accounting certificate holders;
2, there are financial and accounting work experience is preferred;
3, familiar with the financial statements of processing, accounting and tax laws and regulations, skilled use financial software;
4, good learning ability, ability to work independently and financial analysis;
5, the work is meticulous, strong sense of responsibility, good communication skills, teamwork.

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